Featured Update

August 27th, 2015

Ferno Bulletin-PLEASE READ

To Our Valued Ferno Customers:Ferno Model 175 Series Fastening Systems limit the movement of a Ferno ambulance cot inside the patient compartment ofan ambulance. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance are critical to ensuring proper performance of cot fasteningsystems. Failure to maintain the fastening system puts EMS personnel and patients at risk for injury.This Ferno Model 175 Series Fastening System Technical Service Bulletin addresses inspection, proper placement, andpreventive maintenance of your antler and rail, safety hook, and floor plates, and includes identification of common wearand-tear issues.For additional assistance on Ferno Model 175 Series Cot Fastening System preventive maintenance, please contact FernoTechnical Support at 1.877.733.0911, or email to tscoordinator@ferno.com. Download Update Attachment